Portfolio management

Portfolio management is handled by Wormser Frères Gestion, an asset management company, totally owned by Banque Wormser Frères. This company carries the same values as those which always guided the Wormser family in the way they run their own business:  transparency, independence, seriousness and reactivity.  

Wormser Frères Gestion takes care of portfolio management mandate for Banque Wormser Frères customers. The managers apply a dedicated policy for each customer looking for asset preservation and valorization. Relying on their real knowledge of the selected companies, they privilege an international approach and are seeking for direct investments in non-listed companies, shares or bonds, with a medium term vision.  This line per line management policy offers the customer the best possible transparency on the choices made on his behalf.

Manager of mutual funds for over 30 years, Wormser Frères Gestion also offers an heritage mutual fund Wormser Frères Patrimoine, an european equity fund WF Actions Europe (previously called Cofinvest), an international equity fund  WF Valeurs Internationales (previously called Cofinfonds) and a money market fund WF Monétaire (previously called Escapi).