Regular fees extract

These fees do not concern package offers or special deals.

Services Prices
Access to Online services on www.banquewormser.com
(excluding provider fees)
Text messages alerts Not provided
International immediate debit card (Visa Premier Card) Not provided
Deferred international debit card (Visa Premier Card) 150,00 € /year
Cards requiring systematic authorization Not provided
Cash withdrawal in euros from another bank in the euro zone with an international card (Visa Premier card) 0,75 € per withdrawal
Occasional SEPA transfer in the euro zone Agency : 4,20 € per transfer
Internet : 0,75 €
Debit fees Transfer authorization : free
Debit : free
Operation fees

8,00 € per operation

Maximum 80,00 € /month

Lost or stolen cards insurance Not provided
Annual fees for account management Free

Financial establishments committed themselves to present an extract of their regular fees, within the Comité Consultatif du Secteur Financier (CCSF).