Business customers and entrepreneurs

Our relationship with business customers and entrepreneurs rely on our proximity, reactivity and short decision processes.

For many years, managers-shareholders, entrepreneurs and professionals trust us to help them on a day to day basis to develop their companies and take care of their private interests. On our side we bring them the advice and the reactivity they need to best accomplish their duties.

This two sided approach we propose to our investors-borrowers customers allow them to succeed both in managing their family assets and their businesses constraints.

Small and medium size companies, family holdings, solicitors, independent private asset managers, real estate specialists, entrepreneurs in yachting or horse dealers, can benefit from a very special attention and expertise in each of these fields.

Our teams are at your disposal to study with you specific needs such as financing shares, carried interest, transmitting your company or assets, cash management, publish guarantees and finance investments.  

Whatever your project, your situation is unique and calls for tailor made solutions that we can bring you with a global vision of your situation.